The cutest pixel art bears in the entire solana blockchain.

Say hi to Ubears!

Welcome to the cutest pixel art bear collection you'll ever see. There are 7777 totally different Ubears, of different rarities, and with exclusive benefits. Join our community and get yours!

U for Unique!

Each bear is totally unique, as they are randomly generated between +70 traits and +500,000 possible combinations!
Every bear has different rarities, based on its type, hat, accessory, clothing, or background.

Ubears are more than just a pfp

These nfts are not just a cute picture, having one of these nfts guarantees you access to many benefits! Among them, earning part of the secondary market fee, giveaways, access to private channels in discord and much more!

Q3 2022
  • Social media
  • Website Launch
  • Art
  • Whitelsit Distribution
Q4 2022
  • Mint
  • Giveaways
  • Virtual Event
  • Dao Creation
  • Secondary Market Royalties Distribution to Holders
Q1 2023
  • New NFT collection (Discount for Ubears Holders)
  • Ubears Minigames
  • Merch Store (Discount for Holders)
Q2 2023
  • Free Pets Collection for Holders
  • NFT Staking (Second Collection)
Q3 2023
  • ROADMAP 2.0

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will a Ubear cost?

Public price: 0.5 SOL
Whistelist price: 0.25 SOL

How many Ubears are there?

There are a total of 7777 Ubears, 6777 for the public sale and 1000 for the whitelist sale

When will the mint be?

Mint will be on October 8

Can i sell my Ubear?

Yes! After mint you can sell your NFTs on secondary markets

Does my Ubear have any benefit?

Yes, holding an ubear gives you access to private channels on our discord, giveaways,
passive income and much more!

What are the maximum mints per wallet?

Whitelist Limit: 1 Mint per wallet
Public Mint Limit: 5 Mints per wallet

Are there plans for the future?

Of course! This is a long term project, we are planning to launch more collections
and to create an nft ecosystem





Creative Director